15ml Nuna Pain - essential oils for foot pain

$ 18.50

Product Description

This  bottle of Nuna Essential Oils  will work to effectively relieve any pain of sore muscles, joint pain, knee  pain,back and shoulder pain, arthritis pain, feet and ankle pain and even headache pain by penetrating through for fast and immediate relief. The ingredients of peppermint work as a natural pain killer to soothe, stimulate, and improve circulation, and act as a muscle relaxant. This oil helps  to alleviate soreness and tenderness , and it reduces sensitivity to headaches. The chamomile ingredient works to induce a feeling of happiness and to eliminate sluggishness and depression. The sandalwood ingredient acts as an  antiseptic agent to relieve inflammation. The Eucalyptus ingredient acts a decongestant to alleviate respiratory problems of cold, cough, runny nose, and  nasal congestion. The coconut oil ingredient acts as a skin moisturizer for all types of skin including dry skin. It helps to treat psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. The lavender ingredient in this oil works to calm and relax the body physically and emotionally, and it also helps induce sleep as a natural therapeutic relaxant to the body.