Peripheral Neuritis Collection - essential oils for nerve pain


In the present era, it’s a known fact that not all oils are essential and most of all not every oil brand uses up ‘all natural ingredients’, as they claim to, there are many chemicals added to it, whether they own it to be or not. But Nuna ESSENTIAL OIL is something you can blindly put your trust upon.

Nerve discomfort can arise at any given time thus leaving you in a state of discomfort and shooting pain. There can be numerous reasons for a nerve pain to generate and the most frequent one is anxiety or diabetes.

People suffering from depression and stress, have to deal with recurring episodes of nerve pain due to hormonal changes in them. The nerve pain can generate in the back or in the spine or your head. It doesn’t really matters, all what matters is that the individual must find the root cause of nerve pain and get it treated as soon as possible. And while you may visit your doctor, here in this very article we are going to introduce you to some health benefits of essential oils which work miracles in treating the nerve pain.



Nuna essential Oils works wonders for the individuals suffering from nerve pain, arthritis, ankle pain, shoulder pain, headache and whatever else you can think of. A simple massage of this oil can give instant relief by penetrating deep into the affected area. Some of the active ingredients it serves you with are the following.

  • Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint helps to relieve pain by stimulating and improving circulation. It acts as a muscle relaxant. It also provides relief from anxiety and exhaustion.

  • Chamomile Oil:

Helps to elevate mood and decrease depression. Chamomile also eases up any skin irritation and gives you quick relief from nerve pain.

  • Sandalwood Oil: This ingredient is works a miracle to reduce inflammation and to give relief to your aching nerves.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: An excellent ingredient for treating nasal congestion and all cold related complications. It stimulates mental activity and heals mucus membranes.
  • Coconut oil: Moisturizes the skin, thus resulting in smooth and even skin. It also helps to treat skin condition like eczema and dermatitis. It also prevents dryness and flakiness of skin.
  • The Lavender Oil :

This oil collection from Nuna is an excellent remedy to treat nerve pain. It works miraculously by eliminating nervous tension and giving a relief from pain. Lavender oil improves the circulation of blood and decreases mental stress. The individuals suffering from insomnia or are sleep deprived can simply get relief by inhaling the aroma.  In short it helps to become more productive by dropping the stress levels in a person.

  • Peripheral Neuritis:

It’s another addition to the oils for treating nerve damage. This oil helps to mitigate burning sensation and chronic pain caused due to nerve or spine damage. Further it also eases the inflammation thus leaving you feeling relieved.


APPLICATION of essential oils for nerve pain:

It is amongst the easiest step, yet many get confused about it. Usage and application of Nuna essential oils is quite easy and requires little to no effort.

  • Simply open the bottle of your Nuna oil brand. Pour out a little or as required amount of oil on your hand and gently massage it at your effected area. After massaging it for a while, leave it there for a few minutes and you’ll see almost instant results.
  • For the nerve pain in the back, apply Nuna essential oil and massage it to the affected area using the gliding movements in prolonged even strokes with a little bit of pressure and friction to lessen the tension caused in the nerves.




With all the reaping benefits of Nuna oils, it’s almost impossible not to have it on your check list. It’s a must have in any house hold for instant pain reliefs from unexpected cramps and injuries. Since the very name of this oil brand signifies ‘essential’’ it is quite obvious that it’s beneficial for you and your whole family.

The very priority of having an essential oil on your check list is the benefits of neuropathy massage therapy. While in the present world, along with medication doctors are also suggesting to go for massage therapies because of their emerging benefits.

The neuropathy is becoming a standard treatment to treat nerve pain by an increasing rate. While the benefits of neuropathy are being discovered each day, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy out of this massage.

  • Helpful in treating paresthesia and nerve pain.
  • Improves range of motion.
  • Decreases depression and anxiety.
  • Increases nerve and joint flexibility.
  • Reduces cramp and help ease spasms.
  • Improves circulation.


Further the trigger-point therapy also known as the Neuromuscular Therapy, is used to relieve pressure and tension from the nerves and muscles.

Essential oils are used in these treatments. The oil is applied to the affected area by certain pressure of the fingers in order to alleviate the pain.



Essential oils for nerve pain are a wonder to this world. As they allow an alternative treatment for the patients despite of the expensive medications. And with the introduction of therapies like neuropathy, neuromuscular massage and other such techniques, it’s more than helpful to treat the pain in nerves by using a nice blend of essential oils.

Now you know what role these essential oils can play in your life, so next time you suffer from any sort of cramps try opting for a session of essential oil therapy-you won’t regret!