Therapeutic Massage Oils - Essential oils for neck pain and other body pain

Everyone is inclined to fall victim to the mercy of body pain or neck pain, whether it be a toddler or a grown adult. Neck pain can result by the influence of many minor factors which otherwise gets ignored, including having a bad posture. Posture plays a huge role in keeping your body all balanced. And a bad posture for as little task as managing your folders on a computer can cause you to have back and as well as neck pain.

Apart from the neck pain, foot pain, backache and headache can also arise at any given moment prior to whatever precautionary measures you may be taking for yourself. Sometimes the joints can become inflamed and can cause you some trouble. The arthritic pain is a terrible thing to suffer from which too arises from muscle inflammation or tightness.

Sleeping postures play a huge role too. If you happened to fall asleep in an odd posture, you are most likely to suffer from neck pain the very next day. Other factors which may cause you to suffer can be stress or losing your range of motion. And even sometimes following a poor diet can result in a neck pain for you.

Whatever the case may be for you, neck pain is not something pleasant to have. It can affect your daily life tasks and can disturb your whole routine. Apart from taking those nasty pills for pain relief, we are suggesting you a new remedy for treating your neck pain. In this very article you’ll come across some fighting powers of essential oils which are guaranteed to help you in the long run.


Aromatherapies are very famous to gives a quick relief from any muscle pain and it’s too so beneficial for the pain that may arise in your neck or back as well. Ever wondered that why these therapies are so helpful to treat your headaches or backaches? Well the answer lies in the products they use to treat you. Most of them usually consist of a combination of essential oils which helps to ease up the tensed muscles and reduce the spasms in your body. Here we are going to give you a detailed explanation of some of these oils so you can use them for your own benefit.

  • Peppermint:

First on our list is the peppermint oil. This oil is well known to reduce muscle stress and spasms which are causing discomfort to you. Neck pain is most likely to turn into a headache within no time. And peppermint oil gets your back there too, as it reduces the pain and is very helpful in curing your neck pain. This essential oil is also beneficial for to treat your backache as well.

  • Marjoram:

Next up is the marjoram. Now, there is no need to be skeptical of the name as this oil is renowned to reduce spasms and gets that circulation flowing. Since it dilates the blood vessels, it helps in promoting relaxation and ease up your body spasms.

  • Basil:

   Basil helps to reduce the intensity of the pain and also the muscle spasms. It also helps in reducing the inflammation. And apart from its healing properties it also uplifts and energizes the individual.

  • Cypress:

You can count on cypress for many problems you encounter. It helps to decrease edema and increase the lymphatic flow thus providing you with the relief from neck pain. Further it can also be used to treat the spasm in your foot as well.

  • Lavender

How can we miss out on the healing wonders of lavender..! Lavender helps to reduce stress and anxiety for you and further decreasing the inflammation and muscle spasms.

With that been said, you can freely try these oils individually but they can work even better when blended in all together. For example, the combination of 3 drops of lavender and peppermint along with two drops of marjoram and basil provides with an excellent neck pain remedy. And also same can be done to treat headaches and spinal pains as well.


 Next is the application of these essential oils. As easy as it may sound, following certain steps and conditions for using any essential oil is a must. Same goes for the essential oils used in treating neck pain.

Massage is a good method to start with. Take a few drops of your essential oil and gently massage it at your effected area for as long as it’s needed.

Secondly, you can also try relaxing in a warm bath with the addition of few drops of essential oil and let it take the action for you. Also don’t skip on your neck exercises as they would help to treat your condition even faster. Same steps are to be followed if you are using these essential oils for treating your foot pain, headache or backache, in short you can make use of these oils freely to any body part where you may feel any pain.


Essential oils carry a very strong fragrance and if you are prone to allergies you should rather stay at a safe distance. Further it is always advisable to read the contents of a product before using it for yourself. It will allow you to learn about any possible ingredient present, which you may be otherwise, allergic to.

Further try using the dilution rule. What I mean to say is to dilute the dense concentration of oil in water so that it remains safe for you overall.


 With the introduction of essential oils, many people have learned the healing wonders of natural ingredients and with the trusted companies, like that of Nuna, are successfully providing its customers with best quality products so that they may reap the best results. The above mentioned oils are renowned to provide you with a quick relief from body pain and especially neck pain within no time.